Cape Boiler & Heater Co will correctly specify your needs, expediently supply your heat pump(s), correctly configure and install your heat pump according to the best practice, and provide a professional after sales service to our valued customers.

The heat pump is four times more efficient than your current industrial hot water system with its traditional electrical heating element. A heat pump is simply the most efficient way to heat water.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps:

Saves up to 75% of your hot water heating costs compared to the electrical heating element, and is the most cost effective way to heat water

  • All weather/season, all day operation – more than twice as efficient as solar!
  • Pays for itself with the savings – this investment with a realistic life expectancy of more than 10 years will surely be one of your companies smartest investments
  • Makes your business energy efficient & reduces your carbon foot print/global warming

Cape Boiler & Heater Co manufactures hot water storage tanks, supplies heat pumps, installs and commissions systems all in-house as a turnkey project. Contact us now for a free quotation for a heat pump or hot water storage tank or both.