Cape Boiler & Heater Co water storage tanks comply with SANS Regulations and are ideally suited to South African conditions

Our manufacturing facility is geared to ensure that the high quality standards are consistently met and that all products comply with SANS Regulations. The facility is being upgraded continuously, ensuring that Cape Boiler & Heater Co retains its status as the leader in hot water systems.

We manufacture hot water and cold water storage tanks from 500 litres to 30000 litres, and all units are manufactured to the customers specifications. Water storage tanks can be manufactured from various materials with optional coatings available.

These water heater tanks have been designed to supply large quantities of hot water for use in hotels, hostels, hospitals, ablution blocks and large domestic applications and are ideally suited to South African conditions. All products are manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII uncertified; however, can be certified if required.


  • Vessels are manufactured from mild steel, fully welded or from stainless steel

  • Mild steel vessels are shot blasted and coated with an epoxy coating

  • Vessels are available in vertical or horizontal configuration for floor installation

  • Nickel-plated copper elements are standard with an option of incalloy elements. Element loading is designed for 6-hour recovery from cold to 60ºC

  • Insulation consists of 50mm IW24 fibre glass wool clad with 0.6 mm galvanised sheet metal. Aluminium or stainless steel cladding is also available

  • Working pressure is 400kPa, test pressure is 600kPa and higher pressures available on request

  • Pre-wired, vessel-mounted control panels for loading up to 48kW. Above 48kW, a separate panel for wall mounting is supplied

  • Additional electrical accessories i.e. ammeter, voltmeter, time and by-pass switches, stepped control and low water cut-outs are also available

  • Prices for Bulk Hot Water Tanks are quoted on specification