The THERMAX range of locally manufactured thermal oil heaters makes use of mineral oil known as heat transfer oil (HTF), which allows for operating temperatures up to 300°C at the heater outlet. This heated HTF, after circulation through the heater, is then indirectly used to heat the clients applications.

The systems can be offered as complete plants, or as individual items. We offer a complete range of suitable valves, filters, pumps, expansion systems,control circuits, pressure relief circuits, as well as the process heat exchangers, where required. The heat requirements of the customer are typically calculated as a whole, after which the complete plant is often proposed, inclusive of installation, commissioning, servicing and spares. A central thermal oil heating plant is typically envisaged – feeding single or multiple users.

A single THERMAX heat producer can often be used to satisfy many different heating applications for the same factory, simultaneously and at different temperatures. As example, a single HTF heater can indirectly produce hot air, steam, hot water etc,whilst being used for as example, reactor vessel heating.

The HTF heaters are far superior to traditional hot water or steam boiler systems, mainly due to the temperatures attainable and lack of corrosion and stresses associated with pressure and water. The HTF circuit is open to atmosphere in standard systems, and operates simply under normal pump discharge pressure. The HTF heaters operate without the need for chemical water treatment, pressure vessel inspection and certification and related requirements, and there is no corrosion inside the system. The HTF heaters hence have a far longer life expectancy than a traditional water or steam boiler.

The HTF heaters also produce much higher temperatures, up to 300°C on standard plants, and even up to 350°C on special request. If such temperatures were required using, as example, a steam boiler, unrealistic steam pressures of over 80 Bar would be needed to achieve this temperature !

The range consists of models varying from 18KW to 2,500 KW nett heat output. Combinations of these standard sizes allows for total outputs anywhere over 2,500 KW too. Systems can be manufactured to fire most fuels, such as diesel, paraffin, natural or LPG gas, or even heavy furnace fuels in some cases. All systems can also, as alternative, be manufactured in electrically heated format.

Standard systems come complete with their combustion and electrical controls as well as all safety equipment.